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About Us

At TutorVille, our mission is to foster a lifelong love for learning that goes well beyond the classroom.

About TutorVille

Jess Rogers founded TutorVille in 2009 with the understanding that every student has the right to an education, and we recognize that the one-size-fits-all approach is not realistic. We are a boutique tutoring firm that customizes each student’s educational plan to fit their specific needs and learning style. We offer personalized one-on-one tutoring from Pre K – 12th grade to ensure each student’s academic advancement in all subject areas and testing. We also offer a K – 12 homeschool option through our partner school, TTU K – 12, as well as a full college application/essay program. 

Our company objective is not simply to increase our students’ grades. We genuinely care about each student’s personal growth – intellectually and emotionally. With a holistic approach and the nurturing guidance of our tutors, we work hard to advance our students’ confidence and self-assurance for long-term success.

Each one of our tutors goes through an extensive training program, and we take the time to carefully select the ideal tutor to work with your child. At TutorVille, we are here to see you through the entirety of your educational journey and ensure that your child achieves the highest level of success.

A Message from Jess

I started TutorVille in 2009 so that every single child can have access to a unique tutoring plan that supports and empowers them. 

Now, more than a decade later, I am thrilled to launch TutorVille Franchise, which will help share those resources with children throughout the country. 

I am passionate about educating children – and I have known this was my purpose since I was eight years old. 

At TutorVille, we are a boutique tutoring firm that customizes each student’s educational plan to fit their specific needs and learning style. 

Our specialty is carefully selecting the ideal tutor to work with each individual child. We genuinely care about each student’s personal growth, intellectually and emotionally. We have a village of tutors who specialize in various subjects – so that your child will always have access to the resource he or she needs, when and where it’s needed.

We take a holistic, solution-oriented approach to guiding our clients through their full educational journey, from pre-K to college, and all the hurdles along the way. 

This is my life’s work, and I am so excited to share the TutorVille experience with the world. 

Please join me during this unique time in education. Help me to ensure every child reaches their full academic potential. 

Together, we will guarantee that each child becomes a legend.

Jess Rogers, M.Ed., President and CEO

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Jess Rogers


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